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How do I contact Administration?

You can email Administration >>HERE<<

Can I advertise at Pickleberrypop?

No, we do not offer outside advertising.

How can I become a Designer or Creative Team member at Pickleberrypop?  Designer or Creative Team positions are available from time-to-time.  Keep an eye on the Pickleberrypop newsletter, forum, blog, Facebook & Pinterest pages for openings.  Alternatively, if you are seeking a designer position in our shop, you can always contact administration >>HERE<< or email Customer Service for consideration.


Does Pickleberrypop have a regular newsletter?  Yes!  Pickleberrypop sends out weekly newsletters to all subscribed members featuring new products and current specials.  We have a personal use product newsletter and a commercial use product newsletter. We may also send special occasion newsletters announcing upcoming events or important site announcements.

How do I subscribe to the newsletter?  Go to this link and enter your information in the form to subscribe to our personal use products newsletter.  To subscribe to our commercial use products newsletter, go to this link


Do I need to be registered to purchase items from the shop?  Yes.  In order to make any purchase, you must first register in the shop (this registration is separate to that of the gallery and forum).  This is for your own security, to keep track of any downloads registered to you, and to offer any support you might need during your purchase.  You can be sure that your information will ONLY be used for the Pickleberrypop shop, and that your information will NEVER be sold.

How do I register? Go to this link and enter your information.  Once you have hit the submit button, check your email for a confirmation link.  After you have clicked on the link in your confirmation email, you will be able to log in to the shop.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We process all payments at PBP through Paypal. You may check out through Paypal without having an account there, using your credit card. Once you are directed to the Paypal site, just click on the link that says “Don’t have a Paypal Account?”, and you will be prompted to enter your credit card information.

When you view products in the shop, you have the option to place them into your shopping cart. You can place any number of products in your cart as you’re browsing through the shop.  Once you have finished shopping and would like to pay for your purchases, you need to View Cart and Check out. During checkout, you will be provided with two payment options: PAYPAL and GIFT CERTIFICATE.  Select the appropriate method and proceed as directed

If you have received a GIFT CERTIFICATE, you can use these funds toward your purchase by selecting this as your payment method and entering the gift certificate code when prompted.  Any remaining balance over and above the gift certificate value will need to be paid for thru PayPal.  Once your payment is successfully processed, the links to download your products will be provided via the email you registered in the shop with.

One other option that you can use when paying are COUPON CODES.  Coupons provide either a set $-off amount  or a %-off discount and can cover either specific products or all products in general, depending on how the coupon was set up by the designer.  When you receive a designer coupon, that coupon code is good ONLY TOWARD THAT DESIGNER’S PRODUCTS. To redeem a coupon, you must be logged in to the shop first.  Add the desired items to your cart. In the View Cart Screen, enter the coupon code in the field provided and click “submit”. If you’ve entered a valid code, the discount will then be applied and will show the balanced owed, if any. You are allowed to redeem ONE COUPON per purchase.  Any balance due above the value of the coupon will need to be paid using the PayPal option. If you get an error message when trying to use a coupon, you may just need to log in and enter it again. Some coupon codes are limited to one use per customer, and that is tracked by our system when you log-in.

How long are the items I purchase available for download?  Your purchased items will be available for download for sixty days after your purchase is complete.  Please be sure to download during this time period, and if you experience problems, be sure to read this entire FAQ Shopping section.  If you are still unable to download, please contact Administration.

What if I have problems downloading my purchase?  If you receive an error while downloading, please try the download once again. Occasionally there may be problems if there is a high demand on download resources at the time, or if for some reason the shop is temporarily unavailable.  If you still experience problems, please contact Support, include a description of the problem, your invoice/order number, your PayPal receipt number, and any error message you may receive.  Your problem will be addressed as soon as possible.  Please ensure you note the target directory of your downloaded files to avoid them being ‘lost’ – otherwise, you could perform a search on your hard drive with the name of the kit to try and find it.

How do I get my download links reset? Because we get so many requests for download resets, we have a strict policy of charging a $5 fee for each request for order resets. If you find that you are missing files you have purchased due to a computer crash, backup failure or some other reason, please email support HERE and request the reset. We will send you the link to pay the $5 fee. Older orders may include products that have been retired, or may be from designers that no longer sell at PBP. Those orders will not be able to be reset. 

Do you offer a CD-burning service?

No, we do not provide this service.

What format are the downloaded files in?  All downloaded files are in compressed .zip format, which will require a program such as Winzip to unpack or uncompress them.  The reason for this is not only to try and keep the size of the files as small as possible for download, but also to neatly contain the content of your download in as few files as possible. You can download a free trial of Winzip from http://www.winzip.com, or your operating system may already have a built-in option that you can choose by right-clicking on the zipped file.

 Social Media

Can I interact with you on your social media sites?  Yes! Of course you can! We love to have customers post layouts, ask questions, and share our posts & pins! That’s a great way to show your love for PBP! Our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest links are at the top of each page of our site.

What is the forum?  The forum is the “community” of Pickleberrypop where you can interact with other members and designers, as well as browse useful topics related to digital scrapbooking and participate in our challenges!  We encourage you to introduce yourself, ask or answer questions, and enjoy keeping up to date with all of the happenings here at Pickleberrypop.

Do I need to be registered to post in the Forum?  Yes you do.  In order to be able to post or reply to anything in the forum, you must first be a registered member. Registration is free, but registration in the forum is different from that in the shop. If you want to shop at PBP, you’ll need to register in the shop.

Can I post anything in the forum?   Communication in the forum is encouraged and welcomed.  We want our forum to be a fun and informative place to gather, where members feel comfortable and enjoy a sense of community.  We do ask that you keep your posts relevant to the various forum sections, and that you respect all members of the forum.  You are more than welcome to voice your opinions, but please do so in a respectful manner.  Disrespect, profanity and pornography will NOT be tolerated in any forum.

Can I include blinkies in my signature?  We love blinkies and fun signature lines!  Feel free to include blinkies that promote your favorite designers, your blog, and your love of Pickleberrypop!   Please keep in mind that a signature image is fine (200 pixels high), but please use moderation and remember a large number of images can significantly slow things down for people on slower connection speeds, and we want to make sure everyone has fun here!

Can I link to other websites?  Since this forum is all about digital scrapbooking, we welcome your questions and thoughts, but we ask that you respect our own designers and do not link to other stores or forums.  Our forum is also not to be used for mass-marketing and those who deem to be abusing these privileges will be warned, then removed if the violation continues.

How do I check for new posts? 

>> Tutorial <<

When you enter the forum, click on the New Posts link, located in the forum's menu bar at the top. Alternatively, you can click on the New posts button near the top of the page on the right side.

What is the Watched link? 

>> Tutorial <<

When browsing the forum you can add posts to your Watched list.  To do so you enter the forum, click on the the post or forum you want to keep tabs on and click on the Watch button in the top right corner.  A pop-up will appear asking if you want to watch this thread and receive email notifications or not. Select your preference and click on the Watch button.  The thread/forum will be added to your Watched list, which you can always find at the top of the page by clicking on Forums then Watched.

On a side note, you can also Watch threads as well as Bookmark threads, depending on your preferences.  Either click on the Watch button or click on the little bookmark icon on the first post of a thread in the upper right corner. You can find your Bookmarks by clicking on Alerts at the top, then click Show all, then click on Bookmarks on the left

How do I post a new topic in the forum? 

>> Tutorial <<

There are two ways to do this.

• Click on a category under the forum topic that is most relevant to your post.  Then simply click on the Post Thread button towards the top of the page on the right, give your topic a subject, and then enter your text in the message body.  When you are finished, click on the Post Thread button near the bottom of the screen.

• When you enter the forum, there is a Post Thread button towards the top of the page on the right that you can click.  On the pop-up window, choose which forum you want to post in. Give your topic a subject, and then enter your text in the message body.  When you are finished, click on the Post Thread button near the bottom of the screen.

How do I reply to a post? 

>> Tutorial <<

You will need to be logged in to the forum.  When viewing the post you wish to reply to, scroll to the bottom and simply enter your text in the message body at the bottom of the page and then click on the Post reply button near the bottom right of the screen.

NOTE: It is also possible to include a previous post as a quote in your reply. To do this, click on the Reply button at the bottom right-hand side of the post you wish to quote.

How do I include an image in my post? 

>> Tutorial <<

In order to include an image with your post, you can use the Insert Image icon or Gallery Embed icon.  With the insert image icon, you can directly upload the image to the post or use an image URL.  With the gallery embed icon, you can insert an image directly from our gallery. When you click on the camera icon for Gallery embed, you will get a popup.  Choose the image you want in your post and click on Continue. Your gallery media shortcode will be inserted into the post. After clicking on Post Reply, your image will appear in your post along with the title, who posted and when … AND the image is linked to the image in the gallery!  (You can also Preview your post and see the image before you post it by clicking on the Preview button)

Another way (now deemed “the long way” lol) is to grab the link from the gallery.  Go to the image in the gallery that you want to add to your post and find the Share this media box down the right side of the page. There you’ll find 4 links to choose from. Copy the link you want and add it to your post.  And yes! We have social media sharing icons there now, too!  Just the click the icon for the social media you want to share the image to 😊

How do I include a link in my post? 

>> Tutorial <<

In the message body of your post, place your cursor in the position that you would like your link to be, and click on the small Insert Link button at the top of the message body window. A popup window should appear, asking you to enter the URL of your link in the field provided (eg. http://url.com) as well as the text you want to appear as a link, and then click on the INSERT button. After clicking on Insert, you’ll see 3 options on your new text link: open, edit, unlink.  If you don’t need to do any of these, click elsewhere in the post and it will disappear.  Then simply publish your post by clicking on Post reply when you’re ready.  You can also highlight an image that you have added and add a link to it in the same fashion.

What is an avatar?  An avatar is a small picture that you can add to your Profile, which is then displayed next to your user name in your forum posts.  Your avatar must be at least 400x400 pixels.

How do I add an avatar? 

>> Tutorial <<

You must first be logged in to the forum, then in the forum's menu bar at the top, click on your username (it will have a letter in front of your name). Click on Account details. This will take you to your Account Details, where you can update various settings. Click on the photo (or letter) by the word Avatar. Choose a file to upload. Once your image is uploaded, you can move it around in the box until you’re happy with the placement. Then click ok and click the SAVE button at the bottom of the account details page.

How do I add a Signature? 

>> Tutorial <<

Upload your siggy to your media/the gallery or another site (imgur.com for example) and copy the image link.  In the forum's menu bar at the top, click on your username. Click on Signature. You can then use the editor provided to add your signature, either as plain text, or alternatively, you can add a picture, or a blinkie that links back to your personal blog, for example. When you have finished, click on the Save button. 

PLEASE NOTE:  The gallery embed method does not work for signatures. You have to copy the image link from your media/gallery or from another website that the image is uploaded to.

What are alerts? You can receive an alert for various reasons, and you can find the settings for these on your Account details page.  Click on Alerts at the top of the page, then click on Preferences.  Simply check the boxes next to what you would like to receive an alert about.  When an event ticked in your preferences happens, your Alerts link at the top of the page will let you know. Just click it and a pop-up window will show you your alerts.

What is the Inbox? The Inbox contains your “conversations”. These are your private messages (PMs). When you click on your Inbox you have the option to Show all… (which will take you to all of your conversations) or Start a new conversation (which will allow you to send a private message to anyone registered on the forum)

What is a Conversation?  Private messages are known as “conversations” in our software.  It allows you to send a message to another member of the forum privately, without other members seeing your message.  Depending on your Account details settings, you may be notified via email when you receive a PM, and/or a popup might appear while you are in the forum to notify you.  The relevant settings in your Account Details are under Preferences:

  • Receive news and update emails (this is only used by admin to send emails and used only when needed)
  • Receive email when a new conversation message is received


How do I send a Conversation? 

>> Tutorial <<

Click on the Inbox link located in the forum's menu bar near the top.   From there you can either click on Show all to go to your inbox or click on Start a new conversation

        • When you click on show all, you’ll be taken to your inbox where you will find all of your PMs, and you can click on the Start conversation button at the top.

        • When you click on start on a new conversation, you’ll get a page with a new conversation to start typing up.

        • Start typing the member’s username in the Recipients box that you want to send a PM to. A pop-up box will appear with a list of member names to choose from. Click on the name you’re looking for. (you can add more than one name here if you want to PM multiple members the same thing at the same time, just repeat this step to get all recipients listed in the box)

        • Add a title in the next box.

        • Type your message in the message box.

        • You can then attach files, preview the message if you’d like, and choose to allow anyone in the conversation to invite others or lock the conversation so that no responses will be allowed. When you’re finished, click on the Start conversation button at the bottom of the page.



Do I need to be registered to upload to the Gallery?  Yes, to be able to upload anything to the gallery, you must first be a registered member. Registration for the gallery and forum are linked so if you have registered for one you are automatically registered for the other.

What can I upload to the Gallery?  You may upload any or all of your digital layouts providing your layouts contain at least 75% product from Pickleberrypop designers.  The only exception to the 75% rule is if you use a PBP template with a kit from another shop.  You are allowed to upload the layout to promote the PBP designer’s template and list the kit you used, but remember, no outside links are allowed at PBP.  Additionally, we do not allow uploading of any advertisements or kit previews, and we do not allow linking to external sites other than personal blogs.

What format and size is required to upload to the Gallery?  Files should be in JPEG format, and must be no larger than 600x600 pixels in dimension and 250KB in size.

How do I upload a layout? 

>> Tutorial <<

Click on the little arrow next to Media in the menu, then click on Add Layout in the drop down.  You will get a popup screen.  Click on Member’s Gallery.  This where you should start with EVERY layout you upload. On the next page, click on Upload File.  Choose the layout you want to add to the gallery from your computer.  The software automatically adds the file name as you title, so you’ll need to change that and add your credits. To add your layout to additional categories, click on the word Show. Click the boxes next to the categories you want your layout to be in. You can click to check the boxes next to as many categories as you need… it will scroll for you so you can see the entire list.  When you’re done checking those boxes, you can click on Show again to hide the categories (your categories will still be selected, don’t worry!).  This is especially helpful if you’re uploading more than one layout, so the page doesn’t get miles long.  Now you can add Tags if you’d like. When you’re all done, click Save. If you have uploaded more than one layout, repeat the process to add title/credits/categories for each layout then hit Save at the bottom of the page.

A couple of extra notes…

  1. Under your layout in the gallery you can click on Edit to change your credits and categories. When you click on Edit, you’ll get a popup box. Just change what you need to, then click Save.
  2. If you need to upload a new version of your layout, click on Change Media. You’ll get a popup box where you can upload the new version, then click Save.

How do I create an album? 

>> Tutorial <<

On the gallery page, click on Add Media. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the pop-up box and click on Create personal album.  You must start with an image – click on upload file to upload your layout.  Type in a new Album title, a description if you wish and set the privacy settings for the album.  You have 4 options here:

        • Album owner only (just for your viewing, this is set as default)

        • Registered members (only registered members of the forum/gallery can view your album)

        • Everyone (registered and unregistered members can view)

        • Specific members (only members you specify can view)

Once you’re done with these settings, click on the Save button.

How do I submit a comment on a layout? 

>> Tutorial <<

Click on the thumbnail of the layout you wish to comment on to view it in full size.  Scroll to the bottom of the screen and you’ll see a blank message box where you can add your comment.  When finished, click on the Post comment button.

        More options on our gallery layouts:

• Like – Pretty self-explanatory, just click it to Like it!  You can click it again to remove your Like

        • Leave a rating – you can rate a layout 1-5 stars and leave a comment.  You must leave a comment to leave a rating, and you cannot rate your own layouts

        • Add note/tag – you can add a new tag or note on the layout by clicking on this button. When your cursor turns into a “+” sign, click and drag anywhere on the layout and leave a tag or note. You can Tag a user by entering their forum username. Click on Write a note to put a note on it if you want, then click Save. When you hover over the layout, you’ll see a little popup that you can edit/delete

        • Watch – you can add the layout to your ‘favorites’ by clicking this button. You can set notifications and alerts as you see fit. Once you’ve added something to your Watched list, you can find it at the top by clicking on the Media tab and clicking on Watched.

• Bookmark – This bookmarks the layout for you to find later by clicking on Alerts > Show All > Bookmarks

How do I see the most recent layouts uploaded to the gallery?  Click on the What’s New tab, then click on New layouts to see any layouts you have not viewed yet.

Where can I find my own layouts all in one place? Click on the Media tab, then click on Your content. You will be able to see all of your layouts there.  Your albums are linked just under that as well.

Do I need to give credit if I use someone else’s products in my layouts?  Yes!  The designers that made the products you used spent a lot of time and effort on their creations, so it is very common practice to give them their due credit.  Not only that, but it also lets other people know where they can find the same items.  An easy way to give credit is in the description section of the gallery when you upload your layout.  Include the designer’s name, the name of the kit, and where the product is available, if possible. You can usually find all this information in the 'Terms of use' (TOU) file that came with the download.  All downloads, including freebies should have a TOU statement included.  Remember, you may not post links to other sites when crediting.

Examples of proper crediting for products used from PBP:


Layout created using This is Home Dig-ette-al Kit by Fayette Designs.

Template by Jen Yurko titled Winter is Coming {Templates}




Layout created using This is Home Dig-ette-al Kit by Fayette Designs:


Template by Jen Yurko titled Winter is Coming {Templates}: https://pickleberrypop.com/shop/product.php?productid=70847


If you used a product by a designer not found at PBP


Layout created using This is Home Dig-ette-al Kit by Fayette Designs.

Template by Jen Yurko titled Winter is Coming {Templates}

Alpha by XYZDesigner titled White Christmas




Layout created using This is Home Dig-ette-al Kit by Fayette Designs:


Template by Jen Yurko titled Winter is Coming {Templates}: https://pickleberrypop.com/shop/product.php?productid=70847

Alpha by XYZDesigner titled White Christmas


Many places do not allow you to post direct links to websites, so in this case, posting the name of the designer/site is enough.

Do I need to give credit if I scraplift someone else’s layout?  Yes!  Proper credit is also important if you scraplift (use someone else's design as inspiration).  In this case, it is appropriate to credit the designer whose product you used, as well as the username of the person whose layout you “scraplifted”, but remember, no offsite linking is allowed.   Also be aware that a scraplifted layout cannot be used for commercial use or submitted to magazines for publication.

An example of proper credit when scraplifting is:
- Inspired by (or scraplifted from) Mother Bear’s “The World To Me” layout at  Pickleberrypop

Does Pickleberrypop take a stand against digital piracy?  Pickleberrypop does NOT tolerate piracy of software, fonts, digital scrapbook items or anything else on this website. If we find that you are sharing files purchased at PBP, your account will be suspended.

Gift certificates